End of September !!!

002127680Where to summer go? My last post is from June, 3 and we have been so busy this summer  with everything and  now it makes  even more busy to post everything.

I was updating all the showresults and now starting step by step to upload all the many pictures, show travels and everything to step from summer into the autumn plans to update.

It have been big changes in my mind quite a time and maybe this also slowed down updates here – I want change the design of our website and finally get the little  shop to run, but it have been technically a challenge those who know me closer I want what I want and nothing else, so it takes now only finish the set up from scratch.
Stay tuned with us!


Shownews from Lithuania-International shows

img_0475fbb-maasu Finally our weekend results from international shows in Druzkininkai, Lithuania where I had Maasu and Smokey showing. Finally no rain!

Long story to short, we took home 2 CACIB, 2 res-CACIB’s, 2 CAC’s and  one new  LT Champion!

But here is breakdown and all the photos:
First day Maasu ( CH Al Khabara Grace Of Love) took res-CACIB, judge  Mr J.Liimatainen, Finland.
Second day Maasu took CACIB, BOS and *new* title LT CH, sighthound judge Elena Agafonova , Russia. THANK YOU :)

Did not got a classic BOS & BOB photo, well at least I was trying, never mind, but posting Maasu’s moving and more photos from ring.
Maasu is from our G-litter by Int CH Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy x Int CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace.

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Shownews from Latvia, Adazi INT

maas3 Weekend news turned up that cool as two youngsters from our latest litter, 17 month old, got their first CACIB’s this past weekend – SMOKEY ( JCH Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) at Adazi I nternational Show in Latvia, under pouring heavy rain and
ROCKY ( Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock) from International show in Ransäter, Sweden 
as the res-CACIB’s turn into CACIBs for both of them.

Both boys opened their International Championship plus Rocky opened his Swedish Championship with his SWE CAC.

What a pity we do not have any picture from Latvia because the rain and flashing was that bad and my hands were busy with holding up the tent and grooming dogs for Alex to take into ring one by one.

But I have only these  few moving pictures and  little video clip of  Maasu, who did not dare of rain, but as heavier it rained ( and you can hear how heavily it poured down when watching the video below this post) than more fed up she also got and she refused to go inside of  judges tent. She is stubborn – haha – but she likes to move  and show off.

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LC title official :)

am-jc-sensei_0  It’s official now !!!!  Sensei  can  write his name now AM CH Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational JC 

Way to go Sensei, we are so proud of you :)

Karen writing : New Champion Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational and now ad JC at the end..so proud of Sensei he never let me down.

In just 9 months of showing, he has mutiple BOB’s from 6 yo 9 months puppy class, 2 Specialty WD, Best puppy, Best in Sweepstakes and BOS in sweeps, finished his Championship at the prestigious Woofstock weekend and two weeks later earned his JC all by 15 months of age.

Thanks to his beeders Moni and Alex Kullarand for trusting me with Sensei and to Co owner Liv Royneland in Norway for all your support from afar.


Diva 13,5 ears old

diva-135 Diva (AM CH Al Khabara Brahma) enjoying her fourteenth Summer of wild flowers.

Can a breeders be more  happy and proud to see this great photo of  Brahma,  so loved and in great age. Brahma is from our B-litter born 2003 and lives in Kentucky with Trudi, Cazimir hounds




Damitha 11,5 years

2016-11-5-yo Sweet Dusya (Multi CH, C.I.B. Al Khabara Damitha) – 11,5 years – photo from Germany,, how lovely to see  Dusya 11,5 years young, mother of 2 litters still going strong! 

We are so happy Dusya is so loved  and we are SO proud of offspring and grandoffspring carrying her line ahead!
Dusya lives in Al Naqawa kennel, Germany




Kiss headstudy

2016-09-10 Kiss ( Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily) is beautiful as her sisters, she is one from three girl in this litter who turned out most similar to her mom Lilli (CH Al Khabara Graceful Me).

I have got so many nice feedback about her from the ones met her in person.  She has the so admired Afghan Hound  expression and gives you that special look that lets you understand you are not valuable comparing her.

She also tends to do this at showstack like saying ” Look at Me ”  and if she do not get attention enough then she gives you look “what is here so hard to understand who is best here?”.  I was so laughing hearing this as also her Mom Lilli tends to give that look to judges and make ringside smile on her.  No wonder also Kiss has her own fan club!

She is on the way to finish soon her title, we are keeping fingers for her ;)

Kiss is owned by Karen and Jen (kennels Baakara and Cairo)

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Phoebe headstudy

img_9915-phoebe-w Here comes Phoebe ( Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley ) pictured few days ago! What can I say, I just adore her. By personality she is opposite of her sister Roxanna or should I say rascal Roxanna.  Phoebe is so lady-like, never running through dirt in garden, or looking for troubles by counter surfing – she is so good girl and I mean good with other dogs, people and everything, so sweet and loving soul.  But….. she singing louder than anyone else when Alex arriving home and she hear the car driving in.

I think her name Lily Of The Valley suits her so well and she was Piibe (Phoebe) for me since beginning. But she is Chanel for Alex and knows both names well. One would think here of Roxanna who has quite a several names and selective hearing depend what for you call her :)

Her two first show went under rain so she haven’t got to enjoy herself in showring yet, tho she got first  two junior CC and we are looking for some shows with her in near future.

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Sensei – headstudy

22-1 Time to present the new headstudies! Here comes Sensei ( AM CH Lezz Go Sensational).

Sensei is owned by Karen Baker, Baakara kennels in USA and Liv Royneland in Norway

Couldn’t be more happy with head types in our L-litter !  All of them got chiselling, roman noses and dark eyes,  not to mention under jaws. And as breeder I can say, all 6 puppies has excellent bites and full dentitions.

They now grow up from puppyhood and how interesting is to follow their development, surprising my every time I get new pictures.
I am posting some more headstudies in next post.

AM Champion Sensei

am-ch_0 It is official now !

Message from proud breeders  – Sensei is now AM CH Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational

At just 1 week past his 15 mos birthday Sensei earned his second major to finish. It’s been a an incredible ride…he arrived in the US last July. ..started showing in September, at his first show he went BOB. …and just kept on going. …can’t wait to see what happens next on his journey.

Sensei is owned by Karen Baaker, kennel Baakara USA and co-owned by Liv Royneland, Norway

Congratulations Karen and Liv!


Luige show 2nd day

img_9926phoebe-w Phoebe’s ( Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley ) second time in Juniors and let’s hope today is not raining again !
She got also JCAC today, her 2nd show and 2nd JCAC, and later,  like her  brother  Smokey yesterday, she was chosen into 10 best juniors in show from all breeds. Good girl Phoebe !  But in  heavy rain – she might think shows mean standing and running in the rain !

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