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Funny Friday tales 3

I lately had funny moment with Bengu. It was late evening and action film in TV. Then there is on woman crying and screaming loud in hands of criminal.

Bengu, very sleepy, jumping up from bed, going to TV, listening – and I see how her thighs shaking from hearing someone crying for help, terrible screams.

Then she turned to me like saying: there is one need help desperately and you are lying here like nothing happens –   I was just die to laughing.
She was yet restless quite a while. And she is kinda brave one, lets say so, she act like she has sea up to chest, but how’s she now got “bunny into pants” – I have no idea  :)

Funny Friday tales 2


Finally evening. Coffe and TV news.

Lilli at my side and looking news too.
Sport. The athlete runs and preparing to throw the javelin.
Lilli is alert, topknot rising  

When athlete throws javelin to air, Lilli quickly turns head to side, away from the way of javelin



Lil’ Bengal Django :)

Have a nice Caturday you all !

Introducing Lil’ Bengal kitty Django 5 month old, born in Italian cattery.

More photos and two videos of  cute “jungle boy”  - warning: this video is extremely cute, these big black paws can broke your heart!

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Funny Friday tales

While LOT blog posts and photos from July still waiting to be updated, lets Funny Friday tradition to began in our blog!
I’ve written up funny little tales quite  some time by now and so I start them publish  every Friday.

Afghan Hound is not only shows or beautiful photos,  they are part of family and joy we share every day.
Stay tuned for little laugh of our Funny Friday tales !


Apricots on table, me at computer reading mails just before going to sleep. Apricots covered with sheet of paper to avoid runaway.
Then I see one apricot still leaving, having very invisible Lilli with it.
I went after and took it back from her mouth where was nothing (if judging by her expression).
Then she was acting like I was taking away HER APRICOT… Continue reading

Tammsvik 2014

Writing few words of Swedish Sighthound Specialty Show in Tammsvik, 26.07.2014.

Year 2014 have been for us seeing breed in different parts of Europe so we did last minute decision to visit the specialty show in Sweden to see the breed there, especially as we knew that Sire of our next litter - Halo, CH Polo’s T’Kabik Sensation planning to go there too.

With great difficulties to find someone to stay in our home and take care of our dogs so that we both can go – heartfelt thanks goes to our daughter. Luck was all by our side as we literally got ferry tickets, car place and cabin where dogs allowed on ferry in last minute.  Then also hotel in Sweden, not far from show site.

Luck seemed to turn away when it was +30C (86ºF)… Continue reading

Cameras love Lilli vol 3

Lilli  - C.I.B  CH Al Khabara Graceful Me  by Yvonne Mukkavaara, pictured in Sweden

I know Yvonne’s photos since many many many years and often when I saw beautiful photo of someone’s dog and then her signature with photo it is something special in the way Yvonne captures the emotions of moment like on this photo of Lilli and Alex who is professional photograph himself (in past) but now always on the other side of camera, handling our dogs :)

Visiting Swedish show this year we were so surprised seeing lovely photos of Lilli in Yvonnes Facebook album.

Thank you Yvonne for beautiful pictures!


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