MTL pedigrees

mtl-l-litter Finally we got uploaded the pedigree info of our breedings and more to come. Here is the view of Mother Tail Lines  (some say Female Tails) in our pedigrees.  COI%  is only from 10 generation and just for comparison, because  with the  view of each Mother Tail Lines ( MTL) it gives whole other overview into the COI % values, but also for the terms of linebreeding  and therefore the inbreeding %  shown in these pedigrees is only for comparison for MTL ‘s and no other point .

I’ve seen pedigrees with high COI%  and said tight traditional linebreeding , but looking the MTL view of  such pedigree with the foundation female tails for each dog in pedigree – it was interesting to notice in some of such pedigrees the good wide variety of different MTL (foundation females!) might be represented.

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Lovin’ Tiger Lily 15 w

 Roxanna is most active girl puppy in the pack. She always find the way, she knows everything and she knows what she want and how she like it :D

So yesterday she decided there is no need of whatsoever of snood photos and wanted to stand on table and look over raining garden.  As you see there was not of course any trouble to get standing photos of her, just hold your hands in right place for photo and shoot as many you want.

Roxanna is Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily
If I would write up one story every day, we would publish a book of her already.

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Let The Sensation Rock

Rocky pictured almost 16 week old.  Never did the standing photos in that age anymore, but as I had camera in hand and he was there, of course I had no doubt to use my camera :D

Rocky is Al Khabara Let The Sensation Rock and he is 15 week on this picture
He is growing nicely and has super wonderful personality. Rocky is the one who is most in this litter like his Mom Lilli, by hair and also he has Lilli’s eyes.

Cuteness overload

Growing up way too fast, babies today get 16 month old. Few days ago, at our Midsummer, we had plans to drive out for photos and fun for them, but rain took over the plans so yesterday  we thought we take the traditional “wearing Mom’s snood”  photos with monkey whiskers they now got.

Roxanna had her own plans so her photos in next post.
Here they all are – enjoy the photos:

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Shownews from Denmark

Great show news from Vejen 2015 International Show at 21.06.2015 in Denmark, that Rosie ( CH Al Khabara Gracious Me) took  Best Female, BOS,  CACIB,  DK CAC and Crufts qualification 2016.

With these results, Rosie finished her C.I.B International Champion title and also gained new Champion title – Danish Champion, she is now C.I.B*, DK CH*, SWE CH.

Rosie is 4th International Champion from our successful G-litter.

Thank you, Mrs Berri Beare and huge congratulations to Gunilla Holmgren, Kingsleah kennel, Sweden.

See some  more photos, made by (c) Kaj Frøling.

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R.I.P BoulBoul

 Very sad message this morning that darling Pauli ( AM CH Al Khabara BoulBoul) has passed…..

R.I.P dear Pauli


Forever in our hearts and memories
Pauli was living long healthy and happy life, he was loved and owned by Trudi Jensen, Cazimir Hounds in USA

Just saying hello :)

Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation - SmokeySome new photos of L-puppies got 3 month old and now waiting time after vaccination, so stay tuned with us for more photos in next 4 weeks before they start travel to their new homes.

Smiling hello from Smokey ( Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) ,

see more smilies here:

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L-litter 11 week old

L-team 11 week oldOur little ones from L-team!

Time goes too fast, they are 11 week old.  Here is a bit longer post with photos made by our special visitor Jane who is Master to capture special moments and emotions of little ones, take a look here:

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Legend Of The Blue Lily 10w

Kiss-Kiss (this is how we call her) is growing very nicely and is eyepleasing as is her littermates.

She  is Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily,  Blue brindle girl, from our L-litter by

CIB CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x CIB CH Al Khabara Graceful Me

She too is active and playful girl with beautiful movement and fantastic personality.

These are now the last photos because as also seen from photos – our camera is broken and it takes some time to choose new one to buy. Tho it was old camera, so wrong timing !
Coming  weekend we get visitors  with camera and if no raining then some new pics.
Puppies are here yet one whole month, due EU travelling rules it takes now waiting time after vaccinations.

See more of  Kiss-Kiss:




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Lily Of The Valley 10w

My baby puppy !

Lilli and her puppy Phoebe – aren’t they just adorable – “tickle and giggle”, and yes Lilli still nursing her 10 week old litter, why not if she has milk and she want to feed them ;)

Phoebe is Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley,  Blue brindle domino girl, from our L-litter by

CIB CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x CIB CH Al Khabara Graceful Me

Phoebe enjoying the fun time in garden, see her in action:





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