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Afghan Hounds 

Tentel in Portuguese TV

It was in April when we wrote of Tentel doing therapy dog in library and the event was filmed and team intervieuwed by people from Portuguese embassy in Estonia.

Now that was in TV in Portugal – click on picture to see video or directly from this link

How great is to look the kids talking English in video and how nice is to see Tentel ( Al Khabara Extravaganza) middle of doing something she loves.

Tentel well representing  our breeding from her grand grand mother Meeri, our very first Afghan Hound 1994, aswell her grandmother Favorita 1998,  her Sire Mouztafa 2006 and Mom Grace 2005 – all these generations behind had same lovely personality we are so proud of! We are also very happy that Tentel has owners who offer her all these great possibilities to… Continue reading

Funny Friday tales 4

Now that is naughtiest of naughty! I feel totally misused and manipulated!
It is already late evening, very late yes 1.23 am. I am almost sleeping and hoping to get bed. But Lilli have a problem, she asking me piip-piip-piip – we must go outdoor so I take my legs and off we go. I am waiting some time in kitchen while she is done and want back in. 
Upstair we go. I am just to take laptop to look email last time and to close and there she is – Mom, take your legs out, I NEED TO GO out!!! Ouch, seem I was not patient enough so she did not got done there. My poor tired and slow legs step downstair in half sleep so I do not fall and my one painful knee will still… Continue reading

My next DIY project

Guess game!

Probably not hard to guess that this looks like DIY collar project.  Something what I have had in my mind quite long time and is in my mind actually every time when we have puppies.  So the best solution is to make them to be ready for our next puppies.

Just unbelievable how can I get addicted every time when I try the new type of crafts!
So I bought more paisley fabric and making new soft leather collars for all ours.

Scroll down to see how they turned out :)

Continue reading

Maasu modelling her new snood

Looking for the colorful autumn, Maasu  modelling her new Orange snood like in  bird TV advertisement :)

I have another one similar available, contact me if you interested to have it ;)

Funny Friday tales 3

I lately had funny moment with Bengu. It was late evening and action film in TV. Then there is on woman crying and screaming loud in hands of criminal.

Bengu, very sleepy, jumping up from bed, going to TV, listening – and I see how her thighs shaking from hearing someone crying for help, terrible screams.

Then she turned to me like saying: there is one need help desperately and you are lying here like nothing happens –   I was just die to laughing.
She was yet restless quite a while. And she is kinda brave one, lets say so, she act like she has sea up to chest, but how’s she now got “bunny into pants” – I have no idea  :)

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