Shownews from USA

Great weekend news from Kiss and Sensei, showing in California where Kiss (Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily) took Best Of Winners, Best Bitch, BEST OF BREED and Sensei, his brother (Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational) went Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex. Both got the points also.

Thank you to judge and congratulations Karen and Jen !



Photo from Tentel

tentel-3a Greetings from Tentel ( Al Khabara Extravaganza) showing so much love in her eyes pictured together with her lovely Chrisy, both very pretty long haired beauties.

Tentel is owned by family Jaggo in Estonia

Shownews from USA

First show of the season, Sensei, Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational: Winner Dog, Best Of Winners and BEST OF BREED , sister Kiss  – Al Khabara Legend Of the Blue Lily Winner Bitch and BOS.

Starting their season off with a bang last weekend in Oakland KC, USA.

Many thanks to  judge  Ms Sheila D. Paske/United States
Huge congratulations to Karen, Jen and Liv !


Shownews from Latvia

lvjcac2x Roxanna (Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily) and Smokey (Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation )  both took LV JCAC’s and Crufts Qualification ’17 today at International Show in Riga, Latvia 19.03.2016.
What a fun they had and enjoyed themself in showring
Both are from our L-litter by Halo and Lilli

We thank judge Rasma Ergle!
Unfortunately no photos of them because Alex was alone and handling

Now we are waiting summer and big grassy showrings :)



New photos of Phoebe 11 month

phoebe_img_8607fb   phoebe_img_8613w_

Look who is that girl enjoying the atmosphere and great fun looking Smokey and Roxanna in  show rings? Phoebe was with us first time indoor show, she will be entered too, after Roxanna is finished.
She is Al Khabara Lily Of Valley  (CIB Polo’s Kabik T Sensation x CIB Al Khabara Graceful Me). Pictures were made earlier in February when she just got 11 month old day earlier.
We are very happy how she is growing . More photos of her:

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Delicious Wallet

jamie-mouzta-9-yo GUILTY.
Sleeping innocent and full  like done nothing wrong. Brothers. 9 years old. Mouztafa and Jamie.
One would expect to be smarter in that age, but hey-hoo?
Few days ago they were eating my leather wallet with half what is in there (half from every card….- this way). The back of wallet, pretty big piece of leather – turned out very delicious, euros were thrown on the floor like useless. So I got these back.
Some days after that when we did emergency call because we had tree brand fallen on electricity line because too heavy snow covered it…after I came indoor finally I found out my candies, jelly beans, all gone and found the empty bag hidden under their bed. Who?
Not these two ?
No… we have no clue who did this!
Should I be ready for another emergency call ??? Can these candies cause allergic reaction ??? Does anyone know?

PS: Yes, I am the one who LOVE Mondays. weekends usually are too much for me lol.
PPS: No, it did not cause allergic reaction, tg!

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First titles for Smokey and Roxanna

smokey_-img_8740fb  Smokey and Roxanna were today first time in junior class in Estonia, both got EST Junior CAC’s and Smokey was BOB junior, Roxanna BOS junior. Both were placing in breed ring, Smokey Best male 4th and Roxanna Best female 4th, both got their first titles with their names:
Tallinn Winter Cup JW-2016 Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation and
Tallinn Winter Cup JW-2016 Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily .
They traditionally doing everything in synchronous, and this show was not exception – in autumn they took Reserv Puppy BIS both in same weekend in all breed show, aren’t they funny buddies ? Not to mention how fun it is to be in shows with them, just can’t wait the outdoor shows with big grassy rings !

We also had Phoebe, their littersister, with us – she was not entered but Phoebe enjoyed the indoor show first time. Looks like camera loves this girl, we got lot photos of Phoebe but in some reason not a one of Roxanna from this day. Phoebe get her own post later today, stay tuned with us :)

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Bye bye whiskers

wp_002533w  Phoebe said bye bye to the baby whiskers, tomorrow 11 month old, and showing the beautiful muzzle came out from puppy fuzz :)
(Phoebe is Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley, from our latest litter by Halo and Lilli)

Well not sure if she is Phoebe like I used to name and call her, or is she Chanel, named by Alex. She herself seem to like both names and haven’t give us a glue which one she would prefer, but good girls have many names, right?


Shownews from Lithuania

smokey-10-m-kaunas  Our babies now 10 month old and first time out in junior classes at 30.01.2016 International Show, Kaunas Winter -2016, Lithuania
Smokey (Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation ) took  LT Junior CAC  Have no better/sharper photos than that, but so many asked to see how the babies growing, so here he is pictured :)

Roxanna, (Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily) : got Excellent 2 in Junior class.
Roxanna looks yet like puppy and acting like a puppy :)   But how we would dare to take all this fun away from her ? :)
From photos we can see that she already knows her value and shows off like a queen, can’t wait the summer shows with large grassy rings to take her in. This one in Kaunas for sure was the smallest size of ring I ever seen. 3 steps each side. But some pictures….not very sharp tho.
Smokey enjoyed himself anyway, like always :)

Thank you to judge Mrs Monika Mikulienė/Lithuania
See the photos here:

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Even on the cake !!!

img_8565-001fb With this beautiful cake we are stepping from 2015 into 2016. It is February when I writing this…. just before Xmas we got the busiest times ever , enjoying the company and time with our grandchild and quality time. The website and blogging was on my to-do list but somewhat lost the mojo – we were just enjoying our family and our dogs. That should be read of course the way that we consider our dogs to be our family too.

Well, it is now February and I am trying to update many things in blog…show results, photos and news as always, maybe even some more during next month.

TOP of Al Khabara 2015 is updated and I hope none in missing

2015 showresults are all up now, too. As we had litter born in March 2015, as always, we… Continue reading

First majors for Sensei and Kiss

Sensei (Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational) and Kiss  (Al Khabara Legend Of The Blue Lily) got their fist major today  12.12.2015 at All Breed Show of Santa Cruz Kennel Club, Inc. California, USA,

Both out of 9-12 month old Puppy classes Sensei took  Winner Dog, Best Of Winners, 3 Major points and Kiss  took Winner Bitch, Best Of Opposite Sex, 3 Major points

On the picture is Kiss with Jen, her co-owner and handler.

Thank you, Dr Carol White-Moser,/United States
Congratulations Karen, Jen and Liv :)


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