Greetings from Soffi

2015_mg_8303w How fast time goes!  Our young black Soffi – Al Khabara Escada lately got 3 years old and here she is posing pretty and beautiful!
Soffi born solid black and not a one white hair on paws nor on toes. She only has very few white hair on chest, invisible. She has small black eyes and extremely easy to take care hair structure, silky and thin.
Soffi has not been shown much because she don’t love showrings and therefore she is pleasing our eye in home here. She has wonderful personality and comes along so well with everybody.

Soffi is from our E-litter by C.I.B CH Al Khabara Fiery Mouztafa x C.I.B Kingsleah Amazing Grace
More photos of Soffi at her own page

Message from Rocky




Sometimes one have to be realistic however much you don’t want to be and at the moment we can only keep a girl from our litter, due to this we offer up for sale our beautiful blue brindle domino boy

He has good temperament and lovely construction, full teeth and correct bite, we can see already that he got her Mom’s coat in incredible quality. Rocky is a stunning boy and waiting to meet his very own lucky person.

Please contact us if you are interested to give Rocky not only a love and forever home but take him forward to reach his full potential.
See more photos and pedigree on his own page:

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Gentle Gangster – welcome

mustikas_img_8686 Welcome, Mustikas, back to Al Khabara!

He have been back with us almost second month by now and settled in so well: having super great personality, he is friend with everyone since first day and amazing is how tenderly he is playing with his sister Lilli’s puppies.

Amazing black boy, just like his littermates from our G-litter,  he is Al Khabara Gentle Gangster by C.I.B  CH Agha Djari’s Urban Cowboy x  C.I.B  CH Kingsleah Amazing Grace
Pictured here when we took him to ride with puppies and he wanted to have some fun in moving too . More photos very soon!

Welcome Mustikas!
We thank Susanna by letting him come back to us.


Smokey in move

Here comes Smokey  4 month old, moving how he likes the most, in the full happy roll, please FYI that he is just changing teeth and therefore the legs and tail  still is going here and there a bit, but notice the long loose leash and collar ;)
Full longer version in actual speed is in Youtube
Smokey is Al Khabara Let Me Be Your Sensation   from our L-litter  by C.I.B CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation x C.I.B Al Khabara Graceful Me.

Here is also new photos of Smokey in the move:

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News from Sensei

b2__mg_8270_ We wish all the best to Sensei  (Al Khabara Lezz Go Sensational) in his new loving home with Karen Baker , Baakara Afghan Hounds in USA and to Sensei’s co-owner Liv Røyneland in Norway.
Long flight to California went well and Sensei already found the toy box and new friends.
Very heartwarming is to get daily updates how good and smart boy he is!

Sensei is by C.I.B NORD CH AM CAN MAL DK NO SWE EST CH Polo’s Kabik T’Sensation Halo” x  C.I.B BALT EST LT LV CH, BALT EST LV, LT JCH Al Khabara Graceful Me “Lilli”  from our L-litter.


Starring Phoebe

g1_img_6985-bus Starring Phoebe  (Al Khabara Lily Of The Valley) on this picture but the storyteller is Roxanna behind her in the 2-door crate after 3 times in to crate from one door and back out from other door because she wanted to be the only one taken out for fun. Continuesly!
Now finally Alex got Phoebe out and expression of Roxanna sais it all.
Such a smart puppies, Roxanna learnt quickly that she need to go to another door in crate to get out first and that she must be first one very close of door!


L-litter 4 month old

Our L-kids got 4 month old and can start now to travel and meet their new families this month. Here we did some new pictures of them. Tho something went wrong with camera or chosen place in shadow and resulted un sharp pictures, it was also hot day so the shadow was still priority. Here is some pictures of them:


Summer in garden

b2_img_6481  Hopeless if you try to be serious here behind the camera  :)  Roxanna enjoying herself, after all, hey, this is Roxanna  – our little daily entertainer.
Making new pictures almost every day, summer is great time and this year also so good, warm and not hot.  Definitely makes good reason why our blog is so behind this month! But lot postings on the way, so stay tuned!

Here is some more pictures from puppy garden:

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Mama Lilli

lilli_img_7382w Mama Lilli disagree to stay home when we take pupskins to ride, she get restless as soon we start pack the van with picnic basket and cameras and  it is not any way questionable if she jumping into van or not. Lilli knows what she want and always get it :)

Here she is and showing off her monkey whiskers isn’t she cute ? Soon of course saying good bye to the fuzzy face to be ready for showings with her pups who today got 4 month old
Lilli is C.I.B CH Al Khabara Graceful Me


MTL pedigrees

mtl-l-litter Finally we got uploaded the pedigree info of our breedings and more to come. Here is the view of Mother Tail Lines  (some say Female Tails) in our pedigrees.  COI%  is only from 10 generation and just for comparison, because  with the  view of each Mother Tail Lines ( MTL) it gives whole other overview into the COI % values, but also for the terms of linebreeding  and therefore the inbreeding %  shown in these pedigrees is only for comparison for MTL ‘s and no other point .

I’ve seen pedigrees with high COI%  and said tight traditional linebreeding , but looking the MTL view of  such pedigree with the foundation female tails for each dog in pedigree – it was interesting to notice in some of such pedigrees the good wide variety of different MTL (foundation females!) might be represented.

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Lovin’ Tiger Lily 15 w

 Roxanna is most active girl puppy in the pack. She always find the way, she knows everything and she knows what she want and how she like it :D

So yesterday she decided there is no need of whatsoever of snood photos and wanted to stand on table and look over raining garden.  As you see there was not of course any trouble to get standing photos of her, just hold your hands in right place for photo and shoot as many you want.

Roxanna is Al Khabara Lovin’ Tiger Lily
If I would write up one story every day, we would publish a book of her already.

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